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Why is it important to have checkups twice a year? How often should I visit my dentist?

We recommend that you visit your dentist every 6 months for a preventative checkup and professional clean. This allows us to prevent any major dental issues from developing by identifying them early, and ensure that you always put your best smile forward.

What should I do if my tooth is knocked out?

If the tooth knocked out is a baby tooth, do not try to place it back into the socket. This may cause damage to the adult tooth underneath. If you can find the tooth keep it, and contact us for an emergency appointment, where we will see you as soon as possible to ensure your child is taken care of.

If the tooth knocked out is an adult tooth and is uncontaminated, try to place it back into the socket immediately. If you are unable to replace it, store it in a container of milk and contact us immediately. Treatment within 30 to 60 minutes is recommended.

Why are my teeth discoloured?

Teeth can become discoloured due to a change in diet, the use of a new mouth rinse or certain medications. Stains can easily be removed by cleaning or bleaching by our qualified team.

Why are my teeth sensitive?

Teeth may become sensitive for various reasons, but often it is from exposure of the root surfaces of the teeth. A protective layer or coating may be placed over the area to help reduce any discomfort and prevent further damage.

Can my teeth be whitened easily?

Teeth whitening is a safe, easy and effective way of changing the appearance and colour of your teeth. Here at South Tweed Dental, we offer home bleaching via customized bleaching trays and also in-chair whitening using PolaOffice+ also known as the “World’s Fastest Bleach”. By using PolaOffice+ you will benefit from instant results of up to 8 shades lighter in less than 30 minutes.

Why do my gums bleed?

Although the smallest amount of blood while brushing or flossing may not seem like a big problem, if they are consistently bleeding it should not be ignored. Bleeding may occur for a number of reasons, such as gingivitis (inflammation of the gums). It is important to visit us for a thorough examination and assessment.

Are dental x-rays needed?

Dental x-rays are an essential tool to help dentists diagnose potentially serious dental problems. Problems in the areas between your teeth, inside teeth and their roots can occur and x-rays allow early detection and treatment. This in turn can save you time, cost and reduce unnecessary pain and complications. The latest digital x-ray equipment used at South Tweed Dental minimises radiation exposure by 90% compared to traditional film x-rays.

I do not like how my silver amalgam fillings look, can I replace them with tooth-coloured fillings?

Silver amalgam is a strong, durable filling material that has been used for many years. However it does have drawbacks including not being tooth-coloured, expanding causing fractures and potentially leaking which can cause decay to form underneath. If you are concerned with your amalgam fillings or their appearance, South Tweed Dental can offer aesthetic alternatives such as composite (tooth-coloured) fillings or stronger ceramic restorations.

My partner complains that I snore, is there a safe treatment available for this?

Snoring is a significant but relatively unspoken about condition affecting between 40-50% of adults and sometimes children as well. Here at South Tweed Dental, we are proud to offer the World-Class NightLase® laser snoring treatment which is the first of its kind in the Northern Rivers region. It is a minimally-invasive, safe and efficacious method for significant snoring reduction. It involves the use of the Er:YAG laser in a non-ablative (non-cutting) treatment of the soft palate and surrounding areas. It naturally treats snoring by stimulating new collagen to form under the skin which in turn tightens up the region, opening up the airway and allowing the free flow of air within these passages. It involves no local anaesthetic (needles) and is a “walk-in walk-out” procedure with no downtime, pre-operative or post-operative pain for the patient

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